Week In Review


Hey you guys! Alexa here. I wanted to start a little thing called "Week In Review" where the MWM will be sharing some of our favorite things I consumed during the week. Whether that's books, new podcasts, new restaurants, etc. I LOVE finding new things that inspire me so I figured why not share them?! My friend and past podcast guest Olivia Gochnor shares "Weekend Links" and I have always loved them. So I figure why not start my own? 

Here are some of my favorite things from this week - 

Started reading - Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin - It has been the perfect thing for the new year because it is alllll about habits and how we form them. SO interesting. Want to change everything about myself after reading this lol. Eating healthy and bedtime by 9pm here I come. 

Also started reading - Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig - YOU GUYS. This book is important. This book talks all about a man going through different stages of depression. I have experienced moments of depression but I definitely have never experienced true depression. This has brought so much insight into my thoughts of depression and I think it's super important for people to understand what so many people in our day and age are going through. Easy ready but definitely is a bit dark. Would definitely suggest it.  

Listened to two really awesome podcasts - one from Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations Podcast called The Secrets of Happy People. The other was from The Tim Ferris Show called Terry Crews - How to Have, Do, and Be All You Want. Both left me SO inspired. 

Saw this fun article online - if you have seen The Greatest Showman, you'll love it. Hugh Jackman is the king that's all. BYE. 

Tried a new munch (drink...same thing?) - I LOVE Kombucha and I love trying all the new and the best. I tried the Blackberry and Mint Kombucha from Wild Tonic and loved it. 

Lastly, I am sure we have all heard of this brand but I visited their store earlier this week in San Fran and died. SO good. - Outdoor Voices - Why do cute workout clothes make things better? 

Thanks for tuning in for the first week of Week in Review! Till next week. XX



Alexa Jorgenson