Week In Review

You guys! First of all - our podcast editor, Daniel, pointed out how much I say, "YOU GUYS!"....so I guess that's something I should work on? but YOU GUYS! I am loving this whole WeeK In Review thing. It gets me excited to write about things I am excited about from the past week. It almost feels like a gratitude practice because it totally makes me more aware of the things that are getting me excited! 

These are some of my favorite articles, books, podcasts, etc., that I discovered this week! 

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Find the Lost Art of Empathy - by Tracy Wilde - I was randomly at the library (Yes you guys. I go to the library. Ain't nobody got the money to buy a million books every month) and saw this book sitting on an open shelf and it caught my eye. The author wrote the book because her boyfriend passed away and she felt like no one knew what to say to her. So she decided to write a book about how to show empathy to people. I LOVED it. Quick read too. 

Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations - Elizabeth Gilbert, Part 2 : What Is a Soul Mate? - AH! I loved this podcast episode was so good. I thought Part 1 was also awesome but this episode especially touched me. They talk about how there are some women who are meant to mothers, some women who are meant to be aunts, and some women who should stay 10 feet from children. There is no shame in any of the options. So many women feel as if they aren't a true woman if they didn't get married or have kids but that is not the case. I just think that is something we all forget too often. 

You're a Badass at Making Money - by Jen Sincero - Obviously I am a little obsessed with reading right now. Realizing it is one of my favorite things to do. I loved this book because A. Jen is hilarious and 2. I don't have a great relationship with money. Jen points out how much negativity we push towards money. Even if we have it, we still get stressed about all it has to offer / when it will leave us. She talks about about how to reach your full potential with making money. So many good money mantras and totally changed my perspective! 

Improving Ourselves To Death - The New York Times - After I just listed multiple self help books and podcasts, I wanted to point out this interesting article. It is all about our crazy world full of "self help". People are making bank off our feelings of not being good enough. I think it it important to realize it is an industry just like any other even though it is AWESOME! 

The Magic Skin of Glossier’s Emily Weiss - How fast can a beauty blogger become the millennials’ Estée Lauder? About three years - YOU GUYS!!!! (Using it this time because it's freaking important). Emily Weiss is my woman crush and holy crap this article made me want to run the world. Seriously so inspiring what she has done in such a short time. Plus, who doesn't love Glosser? Also, if you haven't read her interview on Girl Boss Radio - give it a listen! 

That's all for now! 

Until next week! xx

Alexa Jorgenson