My Favorite Podcasts

By Alexa Jorgenson, Host of Munchin With Moguls

Hey y'all! 

Lately I have gotten SO many questions on my favorite podcasts so I figured I would add a post about it! I started listening to podcasts about 3 years ago and completely fell in love. I commute for work so I wanted something that made me feel productive while driving. I love music but there is only so much music I can listen to without losing my mind! So podcasts and audio books became my jam. Driving, running, sitting down in a cafe on a slow morning- I just love a good podcast to keep me entertained. 

It makes me so excited to think that I can bring people to the podcast world. A lot of people I know don't listen to podcasts and let me tell you - THEY ARE MISSING OUT! So the thought of getting y'all excited about new podcasts gets me stoked. 


Here is a list of some of my favorites, what they are about, and why I love them! 

Sounds Good with Branden Harvey - This podcast is the reason I wanted to start a podcast. Branden is an amazing interviewer and has brought so many rad people to my attention. He focuses on the good in life, making something happy out of a bad situation, and rooting for the underdog. He recently started a newspaper called The Good News Paper. It literally only shares good news. How cool is that? Check out his podcast because it is my #1 favorite and what got me stoked on starting this podcast journey. 

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso - This is another podcast interviewing rad women. Sophia created the multi million dollar clothing company, Nasty Gal. She has amazing business insight, is totally weird in the best way, and interviews some seriously bad ass women. (If rough language bothers you, maybe skip this podcast.)

How I Built This with Guy Raz - I love this podcast because it is all about how companies started. Big companies like Instagram, Airbnb, Toms Shoes, etc. It is crazy to imagine that Instagram was just a little start up at one point so it is so fun to hear from the people who started it out of their little apartment. Really awesome for business advice. 

99% Invisible - This podcast is all about design in our lives. They tell stories of so many random aspects of design around us that commonly goes unnoticed. I have learned SO many random facts form this podcast. 

Mom and Dad Made a Podcast - Household Mag. - Have you listened to our episode on Munchin With Moguls with Hailey from House Hold Mag? She also has a podcast! She is currently traveling the world with her family and tells about her journey, nomadic life, and so many other fun topics. Love giving this podcast a listen for a bit more of a lifestyle feel. 

eCommerceFuel: Build, Launch, and Grow a 6 Figure Plus eCommerce Business - Love this podcast for business help. They chat about all the different aspects of running your own business, working with amazon, formatting a good press release, creating good email marketing campaigns, making products internationally - literally anything you could ever need help with. 

Shopify Masters - This falls under the same category of just covering all aspects of business. If you run your business off of Shopify, this is the perfect addition to getting to know your business and how you can succeed.

The Peculiar People Podcast  This is a new podcast that I am 100% stoked about. Let's be real, I LOVE hearing peoples stories. They highlight "peculiar people" who are doing rad things in the world. They talk about all different subjects and it has been so fun to see them start this podcast journey. 

Serial - This is probably one of the most popular podcasts out there. I'm obviously into podcasts that talk about business, eCommerce, storytelling, etc. This one really isn't about learning and is strictly about entertainment. It's like reading a book and not being able to set it down. You literally won't be able to stop. This podcast is basically about a true story of a girl who goes missing and her boyfriend is accused and arrested for her murder.  It takes you through the story, the journey to find out if he was the real killer, etc. So thrilling. 

And that's all for today! I am seriously obsessed with podcasts so I am stoked that I got to share with you guys today. Let me know if y'all find a new fave podcasts or what podcasts you're loving! 

Alexa Jorgenson