Making Meaning over Making Money

By Cydne Gray Co Founder Perennial Cottons


I will always remember by Dad telling me as a kid that people are more important than things - that strong, healthy relationships will always make you happier than material things. Isn’t that the truth? That is something I believe in with my whole heart.  

I was in Hawaii last fall visiting my sister and I mentioned to her that I wanted to maybe start doing something from home. My son, Mason, was getting to that age where I had a little more time to myself and I just wanted to see what my options might be to make money, but also have balance at home. I had been reading a book (What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20) and the author shared the idea of chasing after things that you enjoy and make you happy rather that chasing after money. If you do what you have passion for, the money will find you. So brilliant! So, my sister (and co-founder) decided to jump in on the business pursuit and we took that advice, ran towards all our passions, threw them all in a hat and came up with Peri Co. 

As a company, we strive to keep our primary focus on making meaning - creating positive relationships and sharing our love the outdoors.  It would be a lie to claim we do not like making money. It's necessary for life and can create feelings of accomplishment and install healthy confidence.  However, we’ve found the most fulfilling and sustainable way to go about it, is to focus on making meaning over making money.  It can be scary, but I’ve honestly come to find that if you follow your passion and ‘focus on meaning’ then the money naturally comes.

So how do you take that step into the dark to ‘focus on meaning’ and what brings you true fulfillment? For us at Peri Co, we’ve found the following few points and reflective questions to be key!


1. If money were a non-issue, what would be your dream profession? 

2. Reach out to someone who is doing what you love and ask how they got started. I'm always surprised how willing people have been to help and lend advice for Peri Co (take a risk and reach out to someone on social media!)


3. Find someone to be accountable to and set a short-term goal to take a tangible step towards your dream. (For us that was as simple as researching prices on

4. Don't quit your day job. A lot of people hesitate to do what they love because they feel it needs to be all or nothing. Keep your day job and test the waters in another area - nothing wrong with that! Tori and myself still have our 'day jobs' until Peri Co gets to a more mature/sustainable place where it can be our full-time income. 


5. Be patient with yourself. The early stage of your company is an awesome time to focus on meaning! Establish your core mission and vision and stick to that. One day there will be a tipping point where things take off; you’ll be so stoked you created that base of ‘meaning’ from the start to help you keep perspective! 

“Life presents everyone with many opportunities to experiment and recombine our skills and passions in new and surprising ways.” Go for it! Take action on that project that you’ve had in mind for a few months! We've learned more by taking action, than anything else we could have read or watched. 


Here are a few resources that have been helpful for us as small business owners:  




Munchin with Moguls;)



The E-myth Revisisited: Why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it by Michael Gerber

What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 by Tina Seelig 

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley


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