Hey there, fellow Moguls! Mekenna here, writing from sunny Hawaii. Today I want to encourage you to do something that isn’t encouraged very often: be selfish with your dreams.


The phrase “being selfish” is often regarded as a negative thing. But in this case, it can be interchanged with the phrases “take care of yourself”, “seize the day”, and “make the most of every moment”.

 Let’s get something straight first: there is nothing wrong with blooming where you are planted - in fact, everyone ought to learn how to make the most of their current situation. But the next step, a very important one, is cultivating the ability to uproot yourself and fearlessly travel in the direction of your dreams. 


For me, that meant literally - I have made two major moves across the country in the last two years. My first move was to the East Coast, where I made home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (with Munchin With Moguls creator Alexa!). This summer, I moved to a location that was completely opposite of the city in every way - the North Shore of Oahu. Why did I move? Because I wanted to. Was it difficult? Yes. Was it easier than I thought it would be? Yes.  


What is a dream you’ve always had? Attending a certain college? Entering your art in a festival or showcase? Getting your yoga certification? Starting a business? Moving to Chicago?

I often hear other women saying things like, “I wish I had her life!”, or “She does the coolest things!”, or even, “I’ve always wanted to do that, too, but I just don’t think it will happen for me.” We often look to other women as if they possess superpowers that we don’t. Why do we tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough for our dreams? 


Instead of making things harder by focusing on the space between where you are and where you want to be, channel that energy into taking steps. To get where you want to go, you must first accept where you are. Realize that you, in your current situation, are whole. Second, realize that you are strong, brave, and determined. Remember that everyone’s journey will look different than your own, but that doesn’t make yours any less special. 


Here’s the thing about starting down the path to living your dream: you’ll always have other obligations. You’re in school, or feel like you’ll never have “enough money”. It will never be easy to change your life, but I guarantee that once you start, it will be easier than you expected. Take baby steps, but start them now.

To be selfish with your dreams means to never lose sight of your goals. Life is too short to not be absolutely in love with yours!

Alexa Jorgenson