Building A Platform Of Positivity - Bre Lasley & Ginger Parrish

Guys! First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all you Mama's out there + to all you future mothers out there. Second, I am beyond stoked that launch day has finally hit us. Sadly, life also hit us hard and the podcast is STILL being reviewed by iTunes. When you create a podcast, you do all the recording, editing, thumbnail art, etc., and then wait for iTunes to "review" the podcast before it goes live. It was supposed to all be tied up and done before today but here we are. What would this journey be without a little struggle?

So, that means no podcast launch on Mother's Day. Not to worry! We are rolling with the punches over here. Because we can't deliver the podcast today like we planned, we are letting you in on a little sneak peek into one of our first interviews. I had the chance to interview two of my favorite ladies - Ginger Parrish + Bre Lasley. If you haven't heard of these two wonderful women, you are TOTALLY missing out.

Ginger is the rockin' mom behind @gparrish. She is all about taking the sour lemons in life and turning them into lemonade, being a positive social media platform, and is also a business owner. Ever heard of @gigipip? It's the cutest hat company for the women who not only have killer style, but enjoy wearing many hats both physically and in life. We all have so many "hats to wear" through our roles as women and she is all about embracing those. 

Bre is the power behind - about a year and a half ago, a man snuck into her and her sisters home in SLC, Utah, and attempted to murder them. Such a crazy story that is now full of so much hope. If you haven't had the chance to hear it, check it out. Bre is now a public speaker, is promoting self defense through fight like girls, and is spreading so much goodness by helping girls with both emotional and physical fights. 

Bre & Ginger are at different points in their life by society's standards. One is married and has kids, one doesn't. But they have never seen this as a limitation and are inseparable. They just happened to be at the same low point in life at the same time and had an immediate connection while bringing each other up. 

One of my favorite quotes from the podcast episode with Bre and Ginger was when they said "Who doesn't need a friend?". I think that is so true and I have totally fallen in love with that statement. I hope we can stop seeing things like having different beliefs, being single or married, or working as an accountant or artist, as limitations for who we can become friends with. Who doesn't need a friend? So let's be one. 

Ginger & Bre have a little secret they have been keeping - they are starting a new project together! They chat more about this new journey and the behind-the-scenes in the podcast so you won't want to miss the peek into this new venture. 

I can't wait for you to get to hear their interview! While editing it and listening through it multiple times, I just kept snagging new nuggets of insight I just loved. Stayed tuned for the podcast launch. Say a quick prayer that the iTunes gods send some good vibes and verification our way! Ha! 

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! 


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