Feature Friday - Kerry June


Hey y'all! Alexa here. I am beyond stoked about this weeks Feature Friday. I had the opportunity to meet Kerry over social media and then later got to meet up and chat in person. First of all, she is the cutest! Rocking all Madewell and all across bangs. Second, she is for sure the sweetest soul. I was so inspired by her life - especially her choice to move to Spain! Love me some adventure. But enough words from me. Let's hear from the babe herself! 

1. Tell us about yourself! 

Hi! I'm Kerry, my husband & I have been married for 5 years & we have two sons- Cedar who is 4 & Milo who's 18 months. I'm from southern califoria & moved to Utah to go to Utah Valley University, where I met my husband, Austin. Austin moved into a house across the street from my apartment building with a bunch of guys that I had made friends with the previous year & we immediately hit it off. When I first met him I learned that he liked to rock climb & I was on the hunt for a new climbing partner, so i sort of begged him to climb with me & the rest is history. We quickly began dating, got engaged & we're married in less than a year from meeting each other which was sooo not how either of us ever thought it would go! I had always wanted to date someone fora long time, have a long engagement & wait till i was older to get married but then I met austin & i just knew he was who i wanted to be with & it went pretty quick from there. 

We got married in June & in October we found out that I was pregnant. it was a HUGE surprise, we had not been planning or trying to get pregnant in the slightest & we we're both still in our undergrad, so it definitely wasn't on our minds at all either. Getting pregnant so quickly after getting married really changed our goals & sort of forced us to become adults in the best of ways & I'm proud to say that we both graduated a year after having our oldest son, Cedar. Before I got pregnant Austin & I had big plans for our future of traveling & for him togged an MBA & we agreed not to let those dreams go, so after we both graduated from UVU we moved our little family of three to Madrid, Spain where Austin got his Masters in Business at I.E. 

Moving abroad was a huge dream & goal for both of us & we could not have been more excited to move there. We lived in Madrid for 14 months & it was honestly one of the best times in my life.  After Madrid we moved to California, to be closer to family & for a job opportunity Austin had here. Soon after we moved back I had our second son, Milo & have been here ever since. It's been about two years since we left spain for california & while I absolutely love california, I totally miss spain everyday. However! we are now gearing up for a move back to Utah, somewhere i truly did not expect to move back to! haha. It will be good though.

2. Here at Munchin With Moguls, we consider everyone a mogul! Why do you think you are a mogul or influential person? 

I'm not quite sure I'd consider myself a mogul by any means, maybe more of a slight entrepreneur if anything, haha. I have a million business ideas in my head all of the time. One, that I actually put into action was my little shop @thebusyburro where I sold goods from morocco while we lived in Spain. I've pretty much let it go though, but am hoping to get it back going again in the future & then I have a few other business ideas spinning & hopefully they'll be made into reality one day soon :) As far as being an influential person, I'm not sure I can claim that title either. 

3. How do you define success? 

I define success by doing what you love, by being happy & keeping your standards. i never want to lower my standards just to be more successful, i am very into remaining true to myself so that i am always proud of what i have done. For me, when I have done something in the past just to move up or to maybe gain followers or something like that, i normally am not happy afterwards. I feel like I haven't remained true, so I try hard only todo things that I fully agree with & support. I also have seen many people who let their work run their lives & they loose their happiness despite any worldly success they have had, so remaining happy is a success in my book!


4. If you could give one word o advice to someone who is trying to reach their goals, what would it be? 

I'm a bit of a nervous nellie when it comes to attaining my goals. I have SO many ideas & i get nervous whenever I try & put them into action, but through trial & error I have definitely learned just to go for it, just try it out. Give it your all. That's my big piece of advice: just go for it. Whatever it is you want to try, whatever it is that you may be scared to try: go for it! You may be pleasantly surprised by what happens. You may fully succeed & even exceed any expectations you had & if you fail, at least you tried. You don't have to have any "what if's" in your life. Remain true to yourselves! be a genuine person. People love genuine people & they can see through any facades you put up. Be yourself, go for it & you will succeed, it may not be how you thought it would go, but good will come from it.

5. Can we talk about the fact that you lived overseas?! Tell us about that and the choice to move. 

Yes! So, the fall before graduating from UVU my husband took the GMAT & applied to a few different MBA schools because he wanted to go straight away. After he took the GMAT Instituto de Empreza, I.E., reached out to him to apply. Austin decided to apply because it was worth a shot, it is a really great school & was only a year long, plus it was out of the country which was always a dream for us. A few months went by & we had heard back from different schools & we had to decide where he was going to go. He hadn't heard back from I.E. yet so we decided that he would go to Pepperdine because we both wanted to move to California. About a month after accepting Pepperdine's offer to go there & putting money down, he got his acceptance letter to I.E & we immediately switched plans. I didn't know that he had even applied to I.E, but I always will remember when he called me to tell me. I was in school & knew something was up when he was calling me during class, so I went out & answered & he told me he got into a school in Spain & asked if I would want to move there. Without any hesitation I said absolutely & that was that! 

Not a lot of thought went into the choice to move, it was more like we had the opportunity & there was no way we were going to pass it up! I did have a very tiny, slight moment of thinking maybe we shouldn't move when I found out the school was in Madrid & not Barcelona though! I had been to Madrid before & hated my time there, but I loved barcelona haha but obviously I got over that, we moved & it was one of the best decisions of our life. It was a little scary moving with an 17 month old & not knowing the language, but luckily Austin knows Spanish & I learned enough to get by. We went over a couple of weeks before Austin started school so we could get situated & once he started school he was insanely busy, so Cedar & I really just learned the city on our own which can be totally scary, but also so much fun. Moving totally pushed my out of my comfort zone which was really great for me. I am more of a shy person & don't always make friends that easily because of it, but moving abroad made me need friends & need to depend on people. I made connections with so many amazing ladies who i never would have connected with in any other circumstance. It was hard, but I really did love it. 


6. What do you love most about living in CA? 

I absolutely love the beach. Growing up in california the beach was always a safe haven for me. It's where i spent the summers of my childhood, where my friends & i spent the weekends & where i would go to seek solitude & escape reality. It gives me a sense of calmness that nowhere else does. I just love it & i love watching my kids love the beach, too! It is where little kids are meant to be, I swear. Besides that, I really love the people & the lifestyle. People are much more laid back & sort of have that good vibes type of attitude, it's an easy place to live & there is so much to do. 

7.. Who are some of your favorite influencers / influential people to follow and why? Where that is blogs, authors, podacsts, etc. 

Obviously I love your podcast, it really is my favorite podcast & I have found so many awesome girls through it! Some favorite Instagrams I love are @earthyandy, she is just sooooooo fun loving, her family is adorable & I feel like she is so real to herself. I just love her. I also really enjoy following @christinajwarren I think she is hilarious, her instastories make me laugh everytime & her feed is of her gorgeous home & cute little kids. 


Loved getting to chat with Kerry about her happy little life. We are so stoked about this interview and we can't wait to share with you so many other Features. If you or someone you know should be featured on Feature Friday, PLEASE let us know! I would love to hear from you. Shoot us an email at munchinwithmoguls@gmail.com


Alexa Jorgenson