Feature Friday - Shea Workman, Founder of BrightBox

 Photo Courtesy of:  BrightBox.com

Photo Courtesy of: BrightBox.com

Hello friends! Happy Friday! Today we're featuring Shea Workman, the founder of the amazing company Bright Box. This company's goal is to change lives and brighten a day by allowing you to send a goodie box to someone in need! We're super inspired by Shea and are so excited to be sharing her story. Read on to learn more about this amazing company and how Shea was inspired to get started.

 Photo Courtesy of:  @BrightBox

Photo Courtesy of: @BrightBox

1. How did you get your start with BrightBox?

We all have times where we want the people we love to know that we are thinking about them beyond just saying it. What I used to do was make these little sunshine boxes of all yellow and drop them off at their door but it was not easy with two little kids, trips to the store, packing it all up, and then going back to drop it off again! And there were many times I had the intention of doing something and just never got to it. Everything I found online was pricey or just didn't feel super thoughtful, so after surveying many women to find out what they would also want I decided to launch Brightbox!

2. What inspired you in the beginning and what still inspires you along your journey?

I felt inspired after getting feedback from my family and friends how much a small gesture of a happy box meant to them! It is truly small things that can make all the difference - we all want to feel remembered and loved. I am inspired every day when I see the notes people are writing to each other! There is so much good out there and so many who want to help lift and love each other! Specific stories I get back from people who want to lift their sibling dealing with depression or a friend going through a miscarriage, a birthday of someone across the country - I love having an affordable service to offer for so many situations!

 Photo Courtesy of:  @BrightBox

Photo Courtesy of: @BrightBox

3. If you could give one piece of advice to the readers – something they could do today to change their lives – what would it be?

Do one small service for someone else today! Send a text, write an uplifting comment, stop by your friend's house just to chat, complement a stranger, iron your husband's or roommates shirt, put a sticky note on the mirror - the options are endless! Spending a small moment to lift someone brings so much joy!

4. What is your favorite munch?

I love Cool Ranch Doritos - give me all the chips! Doritos Tacos, Doritos chip sandwiches (aka doritos in bread) - I have passed the love onto my 3 year old son who always asks for "blue chips!"

Follow @BrightBox on Instagram and visit their site to send some love to someone who needs it!

Alexa Jorgenson