Alexa Jorgenson here! Thanks so much for being a part of this little journey I'm starting. I've been working in the start-up world for about 3 years now. I've fallen in love with my line of work but more than anything I have fallen in love with the people I have met. Every time I leave a work event I'm blown away by the incredible and influential women that I meet there. I couldn't stand to not share the stories of these women any longer - I just had to spread the news! 
Over the past year, I have become fascinated with a couple of things. 
1. Being Vulnerable
2. Being Authentic
3. Being Intentional
I hope to talk about about these things in this podcast. I think there are so many women who want to be all of these things and more. So here we are. Let's share some stories. Get to the nitty gritty. Whether you have 600 followers on social media or 155K, we all are on this crazy journey we call life. So why not get through it together?